Crisis & change management


In the modern dynamic world a cross-border businesses occasionally face sudden unforeseen events that may have crucial impact on the business and require decisive actions outside the regular framework of routine business activities.

Such events may include, among others:

- major change of the regulatory framework in the key market

- geopolitical events (hostilities, international sanctions etc.)

- unexpected tax controversy

- criminal case or civil lawsuit involving shareholder or executive

- decease or retirement of key persons and transfer to next generation.

The situation that develops following the event, usually has multiple aspects impacting the business far beyond the initial event itself, such as reputation risks, sustaining uninterrupted business activities and cash-flow, employees, customers and suppliers relations, efficient handling of the initial event and more. Furthermore, it often requires actions across several jurisdictions, including restructuring of business operations.

Our firm has unique experience in providing support to the business owners and management in ongoing handling of the event using the integrative approach, including managing and coordinating specialized legal professionals in the relevant jurisdictions. In addition, while handling the crisis we support the client in identifying opportunities for legal and business restructuring not related directly to the crisis, in order to implement changes long overdue and increase business efficiency and security.