Civil and Commercial Litigation, Consulting to Corporations and other Businesses, Agreements

Civil and Commercial litigation, Consulting to Corporations and other Businesses, Agreements

Our firm provides legal consulting to corporations and other businesses in any commercial matter, including litigation in courts and arbitrations.

Here you can find some of the areas in which we provide legal services:

  • Structuring for new or expanding businesses.
  • Creating new legal entities: a corporation, a registered partnership, a non-profit organization, etc.
  • Drafting founding agreements between partners.
  • Contracting deals, participation in negotiations on behalf of the client, preparation and examination of draft agreements, legal analysis of transactions, the legal due diligence of businesses prior to signing agreements.
  • Counsel on legal and commercial matters.
  • Ongoing commercial consultation.
  • Taxation.
  • Employment matters.
  • Representation of importers and foreign companies in Israel.
  • Business disputes between partners or shareholders and with customers or suppliers.
  • Litigation.
  • Company liquidation.