Road accident victims and other casualties

Compensations for road accident victims

The law in Israel requires insurance for personal injury to any motorized vehicle. Therefore, this insurance is considered mandatory. The goal is to ensure that in every case of injury to a person by a motorized vehicle, there is someone to pay for the damage caused to the injured person.

The reason for the mandatory insurance is both practical and social, and stems from the fact that in the modern world the extent of traffic accidents with casualties is very high. From the social aspect, the goal is to ensure that there is no injured person who does not receive compensation, regardless of the circumstances of the accident. From a practical aspect, the objective is to avoid having to determine who is responsible for the accident, a legal determination that takes a lot of time. There is compulsory insurance and in any case the injured party is entitled to compensation. On the other hand, because the law is “social” there are limits to the compensation that an injured person can receive.

All parties who were injured in a road accident – passenger or pedestrian – are entitled to compensation according to the severity of the injury. The victim is entitled to compensation regardless of who is responsible for the accident and will be paid by the insurance company that insured the vehicle in which the passenger was sitting, or that injured the pedestrian, even if the accident was caused by another vehicle or person. In the event of injury by an uninsured vehicle, or in the case of a hit-and-run accident by an unknown vehicle, there is a fund that is responsible for compensating the injured party instead of the insurance company of the offending vehicle.

All private and commercial vehicles and motorcycles, trains and other motorized tools are considered motorized vehicles.

It should be noted that not every injury by a motorized vehicle is considered a traffic accident, especially in cases where the injury occurred while the vehicle is parked, and each case must be examined on its merits.

Our firm specializes in compensation claims for road accident victims and examines all the circumstances, the personal and professional background of the victim and the nature of the injury and damage to the injured person, to maximize the compensation that can be obtained for the client.

“I was injured in a traffic accident – what should I do?”

First – get all treatment that your physician recommends. Do not give up, act in your own interest. Do not minimize the injuries and do not hesitate to report any problem that occurred following the accident. Make sure your physician puts it on your medical record.

In order to receive compensation, a number of basic steps must be taken:

  • Go to the police and report the accident. You can approach any police station with an identity card, driver’s license, vehicle license, compulsory insurance certificate and primary medical document (emergency room certificate, doctor’s certificate, etc.).
  • Continue with medical treatment and collect any medical document that passes through your hands – approvals, referrals, lab results, X-rays, etc.
  • Collect any document that attests to the expenses incurred by you following the accident and the injury.
  • Contact us immediately to receive specific instructions regarding the continued handling of your case.

Before receiving the instructions from us, it is highly recommended not to contact any insurance company or any investigators working on its behalf.

Non-road accident bodily injuries

In many occasions, a bodily injury entitles the victim to compensation from the person who caused the injury. In work-place accidents, it might be the employer or the National Insurance Institute. For injuries in a public place, it might be the local municipality. For injuries inside a building, a shop, a hall and the like, the operator of the place is the first body to look for.

In any case of a major physical injury, it is advisable to contact our office, relay the history of the case, and consult with us about your rights and your chances of receiving adequate compensation.

Rate of compensation

The rate of compensation depends, of course, on the severity of the injury and the scope of the damage, but not only on it. Occupation, wage level, age, family status – all of these have a significant impact on the rate of compensation. Our extensive experience in this area helps analyze each case on its merits and to ensure that you receive the highest possible compensation.