Immigration, Citizenship and Residency

The State of Israel has a unique Zionist ideology explicitly expressed in the Law of Return (1950), assuming that all persons of Jewish origin may migrate to Israel and permanently live in the Jewish state. Thus, if  the Jewish origins of an individual are proven, the entire family of the applicant, non-Jewish members included, are entitled to arrive with him as Israeli citizens, due the individuals’ “right for repatriation” (right to arrive to the State of Israel in order to be its citizen and resident).

The definition of “Jew” is; “one who was born of a Jewish mother or has become converted to Judaism and who is not a member of another religion”. Son/daughter, grandson/granddaughter of a Jew (accompanied by his/her spouse and minor children) or even a widow of a Jew has have the right to repatriate.

After the repatriation, an individual obtains most of the obligations and all the rights of the Israeli citizen, including unrestricted right of employment in Israel and a ten year long exemption from income tax on profits earned abroad.

For former Soviet Union states’ residents, the most important process in order to get an Israeli citizenship is to submit an application with the proof of the Jewish origins to a special Israeli state authority, called “Nativ”. The process is conducted by submission of different Soviet and newly issued documents of the state of origin in order to trace Jewish nationality identification, which had been protocolized in the Soviet Union in different documents and forms because of its unique national policy.

The ENR team is experienced in providing legal support to clients in their repatriation process due to the unique specialization of one of its partners, being a Legal Adviser of “Nativ” for 7 years as part of his civil service in the Israeli Prime Minister’s Office,  and as the First Secretary of the Israeli Embassy in the Russian Federation and Consul for Repatriation.