Commercial Litigation in Israel and Abroad

Litigation (from the Latin word lītigātiō, which means “dispute”) is the representation of clients’ interests in various courts.

As a firm that predominantly represents the interests of businesses and businessmen, we know that when a dispute arises, the best way is to negotiate and reach agreements that benefit all parties. It is fast, efficient and cost effective.

However, in some cases, when the dispute could not be settled through negotiations, it is necessary to defend the interests of clients in court against counterparties who have caused a gross breach of contract, former partners who decided to appropriate assets of others, shareholders violating the rights of minority shareholders, etc., and also, if necessary, to protect the client from wrongful claims. Often it is a rigorous position in court that can convince an opponent of the need to resolve a dispute out of court, through negotiations, and this strengthens the position of our clients and allows them to achieve more favorable conditions.

Commercial ligation in Israel

ENR has many years of successful experience in representing clients’ interests in courts, both on the side of the plaintiffs and on the side of the defendants. To conduct a legal claim, not only a thorough knowledge of the subject matter of the claim is required, but also full knowledge of the intricacies of the judicial procedure, the ability to develop a strategy for conducting a case and the ability to clearly and precisely state your position in court. All these skills, backed with many years of experience, lead us to success in Israeli trial and appellate courts.

Commercial ligation abroad

ENR’s clients engage in business activities all over the world and are often forced to engage in commercial disputes in various jurisdictions. In such situations, our firm develops a business strategy, using our accumulated experience, understanding the needs and goals of the client and being able to analyze not only a specific litigation process, but also its possible impact on the client’s business in other jurisdictions. The direct conduct of the legal proceeding in court is carried out by local lawyers who are familiar with the court procedure and the intricacies of local realities, based on our strategy. ENR lawyers are directly involved in court hearings, in meetings with local lawyers, in negotiations with opponents, and exercise overall control and coordination of the entire process.