Commercial Real Estate and Projects

The market for investment in commercial real estate in Israel includes both participation in new and ongoing projects, and the acquisition of already built commercial real estate.

Investing in commercial real estate in Israel can be an extremely profitable investment, as rental prices – especially in good locations – are high and there is a steady demand for it even despite the effects of the coronavirus pandemic and related changes in the real estate market.
Our firm has extensive experience in providing legal services related to the purchase and lease of commercial real estate, and we help our clients to purchase such real estate and make profit from it with minimal risk.

Our firm provides a full range of legal services to support investments and the acquisition of commercial real estate in Israel, including conduction of legal due diligence of the project, the rights of the developer/owner, analyze the availability of guarantees designed to maximally secure the buyer’s money in unforeseen and crisis situations, ensuring the proper registration of the buyer’s rights after signing the contract for purchase of commercial real estate, verification of the use of the property after purchase, including additional factors such as parking spaces, warehouses, driveways, etc. We will negotiate with the seller regarding the terms of the contract for the purchase of real estate and secure the best conditions, taking into account all of the above and many other factors.

If necessary, we will provide legal assistance in the process of transferring funds required for the purchase of real estate from abroad. The process of transferring funds is directly related to compliance with banks, proof of the source of origin of funds, etc. – an area in which our firm has unique experience.

The condition for obtaining the maximum profit from the acquisition of commercial real estate is to lease it to a tenant that has genuine “good faith”. We will provide a full range of legal services to support the process of leasing a property for rent, including an agreement with a realtor, negotiating and concluding such an agreement with a tenant, which will provide maximum guarantees of receiving payment for the rent on time, the possibility of immediate termination of the contract with a defaulter, insurance of premises, liability to the management company and other owners, etc.